We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of transparency, sustainability & responsibility.

Corporate responsibility is a key component of Direct Oil & Gas Inc.’s best business practices.

We are committed to maximizing value for our shareholders while operating in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We care about the communities in which we operate in and are committed to open and transparent conversations about how our activities may impact and contribute to the local and regional community. We are dedicated to being a valued partner and developing Western Canada’s hydrocarbon resources in a sustainable way that also considers the interests of future generations.

We focus on safety, minimizing our environmental footprint and building lasting relationships with all our stakeholders and the communities in which we operate.  Learn more about Direct’s commitment to corporate responsibility.

Corporate Governance

The fundamental responsibilities of the Board of Directors of the Corporation are to:

  1. In conjunction with the President and Chief Executive Officer, appoint and oversee a competent executive team to manage the business of the Corporation, with a view to maximizing shareholder value;
  2. Identify and understand the risks associated with the business of the Corporation;
  3. Conduct reviews and audits of financial statements, reserves, executive compensation, and health, safety, and environment procedures on a regularly scheduled basis; and
  4. Ensure corporate conduct in an ethical and legal manner via an appropriate system of corporate governance, disclosure processes and internal controls.

Environmental Sustainability

Direct Oil & Gas Inc. is committed to achieving superior performance with respect to our environmental stewardship and minimizing our environmental impact.  We will comply with all government regulations, industry standards, and codes of practice at a minimum, and where possible, seek to go above and beyond the requirements.

Through careful assessment, we will understand the potential impact that our proposed activities may have on the environment and ensure appropriate hazard control measures are implemented.

Direct remains focused on achieving operational excellence in the responsible development of our assets while mitigating impacts to the surrounding areas