Direct Oil & Gas Inc. is committed to protecting the health, safety and security of our employees, contractors and the public. We are also firmly committed to conducting our operations in a diligent manner designed to minimize any adverse impacts on our environment.


Direct fulfills these commitments through an effective health, safety, security and environmental program. The program integrates health, safety, security and environmental considerations into all of Direct’s operations by:

  • Providing and maintaining a safe work environment with proper policies, procedures, standards, training, equipment and emergency response procedures in accordance to all government regulations and industry practices;
  • Providing appropriate health, safety, security and environmental training;
  • Developing programs and practices to minimize health, safety and environmental problems;
  • Ensuring timely and effective response and follow up to incidents resulting from our operations;
  • Remaining sensitive to public concerns;
  • Communicating with the public affected by our operations; and
  • Establishing health, safety, security and environmental goals and regularly reviewing and improving on these goals.

All management, employees, contractors, subcontractors and suppliers engaged on behalf of Direct are responsible for following all the health, safety, security and environment procedures as required and participating in pertinent safety and environmental training.


By fulfilling our safety and environmental responsibilities, everyone who works for Direct will share in the benefits of a safe work environment..